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Training for the Valencia Marathon - Week 8

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

This was a tough week and left me feeling like I was in a bit of trouble. My calves continued to cause me issues and were affecting my ability to run as I would like to. Marathon training always makes you feel like you're not doing enough, and it's a tendency I really want to fight because I know that there's more to the training block than a single week or a certain number of miles logged. I soldiered on for week 8 of training for the Valencia Marathon, but by the end decided that I would need to take a different approach one way or another.


5 miles recovery largely on grass. Actually didn't feel too bad considering I'd run a half marathon the day before.


6 miles easy pace and managed to do some surges every mile.

Easy double in the afternoon, 5 miles with surges.


Strength training in the morning, followed by a very easy 6 mile run while coaching.


1000 x 5, average 3:50. 7 miles in total

5 easy miles with surges in the evening


400 x 10, this was a horrendous session in the pouring rain and my spirits were low, matched by a body that had little energy. 7 miles in total.


A much needed day off to try and recuperate ahead of a long workout tomorrow.


A big one. 21 miles, including 2 x 5k at marathon pace with a one mile jog between the efforts. The 5k sections felt tough as my calves deteriorated throughout the run, by the end of the 2nd one I felt pretty done in. It was then still 8 miles home, but as the run progressed I felt pretty strong in my body overall. I had to alter my foot strike slightly as anything towards the front of my foot, which is my normal form, caused pain in my calves. It's annoying because fitness-wise I feel good, I was able to handle the long distance pretty well, it's just these damned muscles aren't playing ball with me!

I got home and decided that I would give myself the rest required to allow my calves to recover better, as well as look at therapeutic treatment options. I've come this far and if there's something I can do to help improve things then I'll do it.

Week summary

63 miles

3 sessions including one long workout

22000m run at marathon pace or faster

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