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How Final Surge can help plan your running training

You may be more familiar with Strava, the behemoth social network where runners upload their workouts, but when it comes to coaching, Final Surge is where it's at.

I've been using it for a while now and, with a recent glow up, it's now got the looks to match what has always been an easy and productive user experience. It's a platform that allows coaches to create training plans for runners, and even set specific workouts with step-by-step instructions which can be delivered directly to your running watch. It's also collaborative, enabling runners to co-create plans with the coach, move workouts around, and add their own key dates to the calendar.

For the runner, it couldn't be easier to have your plan on all your devices, and then select the workout prior to your run. Once you have done the workout, it is uploaded to Final Surge where you can then make notes. As a coach this is great because it gives me the ability to get a better insight beyond the data, and offer feedback.

I have over 100 workouts in my library, including warm ups, track sessions, long run workouts, pre-race shakeouts, and more.

Anyone who I work with is invited to join Final Surge free of charge and enjoy the benefits of the platform.

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