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Why it's time to incorporate drills into your running routine

I used to find running drills quite boring and would go through the motions whenever someone was leading a session and using them as part of a warm up. However I recently discovered a Youtube channel based on Kenyan drills and what struck me was how fun they looked. I started trying them out and of course, at first I was very uncoordinated and unable to perform them with any precision or fluidity. In just a few weeks though I've become much more adept and it's like learning a dance!

Does it help with your running though?

I'm always wary of saying what works for elites can work for everyone, but in this instance I think it's pretty solid. I've noticed enhanced mobility as a result of doing them a few times a week, performed as part of a warm up or at the end of a run while a bit fatigued. I think that anything that promotes all round balance and coordination will improve your running. And they really are quite fun once you get the hang of it. Check out the channel!

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