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Training for the Valencia Marathon - Week 10

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

What a difference a few weeks make. It felt like I was making no progress, struggling on with the programme despite ongoing soreness and generally feeling a bit down about it all. However following on from last week's reduced mileage and confidence-boosting long workout, I really attacked this week knowing that I would then be going into my taper, and was rewarded for my efforts. Here's how week 10 of my Valencia Marathon training went.


Felt pretty fresh from Sunday's long run/workout, this was a fun 6 mile loop with surges every mile.

Strength workout in the afternoon.


400 x 10, averaging around 1:22. Felt great. 6 miles in total.


1000 x 6, averaged 3:46. I must confess to being naughty here and wearing my dust-gathering Nike Alphaflys. I find them uncomfortable on my feet but there's no doubt that they are fantastic to run in for a limited period. I thought that with a busy midweek programme and a big long workout at the weekend, I would do what I could to save my legs and they do an excellent job at that. On occasion I think it's fine to train in these but I am generally of the opinion that, for all their wonder, you shouldn't train in carbon plate shoes very often.

Doubled in the evening with an easy 4 mile run, making it 12 miles for the day


A repeat of yesterday's session, same average of 3:46. I felt really good running at this pace.

A strength session in the afternoon, followed by a short 4 mile run with 200 x 10, averaging 39 seconds.

Another 12 mile day.


First of two easy days in preparation for Sunday. 4 miles easy with surges.


An easy parkrun with the buggy and some additional warm up/down, 5 miles total.


This was the big one, 4 x 5k at marathon pace, with an easy mile in between each rep. I'd never done 4x before, but having done 3x the previous week and felt strong, I was confident going into this. Overall it went well, at no point did I feel like I was struggling, though I was a little bit off my target pace. The 5k segments were run at an average of 6.17, 6.18, 6.17 and 6.11. The strong finish on the last one gave me a lot of confidence. Some GPS issues that always occur in Battersea Park threw me and resulted in my pace being less consistent than I would like, but despite this I remained on top of the session. My third consecutive week of getting a 20 mile workout in the bank, this was a great session and big week to complete and go into the taper.

Week summary

65 miles

5 sessions including one long workout

39600m(!) run at marathon pace or faster

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