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Training for the Valencia Marathon - Week 11

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Taper time! There's much debate over what the taper should be, and how long it should run for. I don't think there's a perfect answer that applies to everyone. In fact, I don't think it's possible to even say that everyone is different, and to find what works for you and go with that. In my experience it can even vary from marathon block to marathon block. Just because a 2-week taper worked last time out doesn't mean it's right for this one. It depends on how the block has gone, and what you need at that present time. Of course it's always tempting to think that one more big week can get you closer to your goal, however in this instance I felt like I'd pushed myself hard the last week and a big 4 x 5k workout was a good point at which to start easing off in terms of volume. Here's how week 11 of training for the Valencia Marathon went.


No running, just a strength session in the afternoon.


400 x 10, averaging around 1:25. Felt pretty good even though Sunday's effort was still in my legs.


I had planned to do a double workout today but frustratingly my calves were sore and with an eye on a weekend 5k effort, I decided to play it safe and instead take a rest from running.

Strength workout in the afternoon.


1000 x 4, a bit quicker than usual, averaging 3:49.


Easy 7 mile run with surges every mile.


Dulwich parkrun. It's fairly standard now for me to schedule in a 5k effort two weeks out from the marathon, not expecting to be in PB shape but to get a good VO2 max workout and hopefully post a good time. Having not done a fast 5k in a while I wasn't really sure how to pace it and I'd forgotten the feeling of being really uncomfortable and knowing how to react to it. Overall I ran a negative split and finished in 16.52. I was a bit disappointed because I had more in the tank and caution/lack of practice had prevented me from pushing harder earlier on.


A pleasant 14 mile run at not-quite-easy pace (7.26/mile) with the Sunday group. Felt pretty comfortable throughout and no niggles.

Week summary

40 miles

2 workouts

1 5k race

2 strength sessions

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