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Friendly, personalised online and in-person running coaching for all levels
Tom Negative Split online running coach at the Boston UK marathon May 2021
Tom Negative Split online running coach at the Big Half marathon in London September 2021
Tom Negative Split online running coach running along the Mall near the finish of the London Maratho
Tom Negative Split online running coach at the London Marathon April 2023 crossing Tower Bridge at m

Why hire a coach? Let's talk

Running is a tough sport and making mistakes is part of the process

There are certainly easier sports to take up. Sometimes your run is a real slog. Injuries are inevitable. And everyone else is running so damn fast! There are downs to go alongside the highs, but everything is a potential lesson and the opportunity to grow and develop as a runner is constantly in play. Working with a coach will accelerate this as you become more intentional about your running and know how to ride out the challenges. 

There's a lot of information out there

You only need to google 'tempo run' to see the range of information and diversity of opinion that exists online about running. Stretching, yay or nay? Warm up or cool down? As a qualified Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF), I will help you cut through the noise and make you feel confident in your own running knowledge. 

It's not just about the miles or kms that you log

Most training approaches are built around the concept of weekly distance. However this is only part of what will move the dial for you as a runner. Yes, that does mean a little (but not much) strength training. It also means how you recover from your runs (no, you don't need a massage gun). My approach will always be a holistic one and I will help you incorporate non-running elements into your training. 

Running is a skill

Beware of any approach that avoids mention of running mechanics. While mere mortals may not be able to float along like Faith Kipyegon or Eliud Kipchoge, we all have the potential to make our running more effortless through being aware of and practicing good running form. I place great emphasis on this and believe that it is a key ingredient in unlocking performance levels.

It's a long journey but it's worth it

There's a reason why runners are often referred to as having 'caught a bug'. With a bit of application it's self-evident that running rewards your training efforts. It's said that it takes 5-7 years to make a runner. Developing over time will be your surest way to enjoy a long running career and experience the many highs that it can bring you, and I like nothing more than being part of that with other runners. 

Anyone can have a coach

A coach is not only for runners of a certain level. If you want to improve as a runner according to your own goals, and feel like you are ready to be accountable for your running, then you can and should consider a coach. I coach all levels, from beginners looking to get into the sport (my youngest clients are two 9-year old girls whose father is a club mate of mine and I take them out for a jog once a week), to those hoping to crack 20 minutes at parkrun, and men and women aiming for a Good For Age marathon time.

Tom Negative Split online running coach running along the Mall near the finish of the London Marathon
"Working with Tom has been great! Consistently following a detailed training plan as well as learning about the skill of running has led to me drastically improving my times across various distances in a short space of time."

Matthew, Cape Town

What I offer: personalised coaching solutions

Everything I do is based on personal communication and individualised support. Every runner is unique and what works for some might not work for others. I will work with you to find the right approach and help you achieve your running goal. I am based in London but currently coach people as far away as South Africa. I have three distinct products available. Get in touch via the form at the bottom of the page to discuss one of these options with me. 

1-2-1 coaching

Dedicated focus on your running over a period of time

Limited places only. Following an initial assessment (we can go for a coffee if you're in London), we'll work together every month to build your training programme. I will feed back on all your runs and be available throughout to answer any questions and support your training. Regular in-person coaching is also available as part of this package.

Personalised plans

Customised plans designed to get you race ready 

Tailored to your race length from 5k to marathon, your running experience, as well as availability and incorporating any races you have booked in. I will make a plan for you that provides variety and stimulus in the lead up to your goal race.

1-hour coach call

A quick way to get your running on track

Let's talk...about anything you want! It might include:

General training principles

Distance specific tips

Getting out of a slump

Running form/technique

Injuries (and prevention)

Kit & equipment

Preparing for a race

Tom running coach after the London Marathon 2023

How I coach

My approach to training is to build strong, resilient and smart runners who are able to achieve breakthrough performances as a result. Everything I do is customised so that you are training according to your needs, not someone else’s or the average of lots of people. I use the Final Surge training platform to create plans from 5k to marathon which are delivered straight to your running watch, with step-by-step instructions for workouts. ​

I will always advocate:


  • Starting your training based on where your fitness currently is, not where you want it to be.

  • Gradually increasing your training in a way that is safe and most likely to keep you fresh and injury-free.

  • Taking advantage of your local environment and basing your training around what is available to you.

  • Regular racing, to develop your running IQ and give you an opportunity to push yourself.

  • Being patient. Overtraining rarely yields results.

  • Having fun. Running should always be a source of positivity in your life. 

Thanks for getting in touch. I'll reply to you shortly.

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